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Third Party Registrations: ISO9001 and AS9100
Nadcap Composites
Bell Helicopter: QPS-100 Subcontractor Quality System Approval
BPS-4339 Handling, Cutting, Machining, Crushing, Forming, & Adhesive Priming of Honeycomb Material.
BPS-4225 Splicing Honeycomb Core and Installation of Inserts
Boeing: BAC 5514 Structural Bonding Class HC per D-16925; CL 4 (core splicing and Stabilizing) & CL 5 (clean core machining)
BAC 5317 Fiber Reinforced Composite Parts; Core machining, splicing and stabilization
D1-4426 Processor Basic Quality System Approval
PS14123 Sandwich Mat’l, Honeycomb Core, Carbon Skins, Fabrication of
PS14124 Sandwich Mat’l, Honeycomb Core, Fiberglass or Kevlar 49 / Epoxy Skins, Fabrication of
BMS 4-4 QPL, All Types, Classes & Forms. FL6 Approved for core expansion and machining.
BMS 4-6 QPL, All Types, Classes and Forms. FL5 Approved for core expansion and machining.
PS14223 Fabrication - Aluminum Sandwich Assemblies
PS14999 Bonding - Graphite / Aluminum
GE Aircraft Engines: Designated Quality Source Representative Status
Lockheed Martin: FPS 1017 Fabrication and Quality Control Limits for Honeycomb Core Details, F16
FPS 3019 Adhesive Film Compound, Primary Splice Material for Honeycomb, F16
5PTPKG17 Honeycomb Core Detail Manufacture and QPL, 270 – 360°F Cure
5PTPKL04 Fabrication and Assembly of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures, F22
5PTPPLL13 Machining of Non-metallic Core, F22