Texas Almet is distributor of Hexcel Hexweb® honeycomb core products and one of North America’s leading producers of honeycomb components, composite honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and aerospace core fabrication. Our engineered composite honeycomb core products provide exceptional stiffness and strength without added weight overhead. This makes our composite honeycomb components as well as our aerospace honeycomb core ideal for the aviation industry.

Our Expresscore® and Shapecore® products give the Aerospace industry a unique honeycomb core component structure manufactured from a wide range of composite materials. Some of our composite honeycomb core materials include: fiberglass honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and Nomex® honeycomb. Our fabricated honeycomb core products provide a wide range of light weight, mechanical, and thermal properties that are paramount for the aviation industry.

Texas Almet is capable producing a large variety of structural honeycomb cores for the aerospace and other industries. Here at Texas Almet, we produce structural honeycomb core components for both military and commercial customers.

Bottom line, Texas Almet is a leading producer of honeycomb components, composite honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, as well as aerospace core fabrication. We utilize the latest technologies available today for all of our aerospace honeycomb components, all while maintaining strict ISO 9001, AS9100, and Nadcap compliance standards. Let Texas Almet become your company's valued solutions provider of honeycomb core components today!

Hexcel Hexweb® is a registered Trademark of Hexcel
Expresscore® and Shapecore® are registered Trademarks of Texas Almet LP